About Our Firm

Cole Valley Partners (CVP) is a commercial real estate development firm based in Portland, Oregon.


CVP is creating a future where projects are built effectively, efficiently, with integrity, and with a smile.

We believe our partners—brokers, investors, tenants, and the city—deserve the best. As a result, we ensure each project is planned and executed quickly, done well and right the first time, and will stand the test of time.

The core values that drive everything we do

// Practice Decisiveness

Gather knowledge, Chart the path, Make the call.

//Communicate with purpose

Mean what you say. Write succinctly.

//Think at 30,000 feet, act at grade

Own the outcomes, live in the weeds.

// Move like a crane

Things change. Be prepared to pivot.

We are a certified B-Corp.

As of 2018, we became a Certified B Corporation, one of the few real estate development firms to earn this designation in the country. We meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. We balance profit and purpose.

The certification demonstrates the values we aspire to meet internally and the way we interact with stakeholders in our community.

We invest in communities across the country.

As we invest in communities across the country, we are always on the lookout for particularly impactful non-profit partners to accompany us in our work. When we finish a project at CVP, the development manager’s final role is to select an organization to receive a donation from CVP. Some of the groups we have supported in the recent past include:

Our results in numbers

// Completed projects
// active projects
// Team members